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Compilations | Memory Project


The Memory Project is a collection of interviews with Hungarian immigrants who fled Hungary after WWII and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. This visual history archive is one way these stories are passed on to the next generation and become part of the collective history of the global Hungarian diaspora. The founders have created a number of short compilation videos that help introduce the archive and that can be used at commemorative events and for educational purposes.

The first 15 minute compilation video was created to commemorate the 65th anniversary of 1956 in 2021. The video includes interviews with those who were eye-witnesses to the revolution, those who took an active part in the demonstrations and armed freedom fight, those who fled the country after the revolution was crushed on November 4th, and those who were part of the Hungarian emigré community in the West who welcomed the ’56ers when they arrived.

For use in community commemorations, please:
Download in the original version (HD 1080p) for best quality.
Credit the Memory Project archive’s work and website.
For questions, please email: info@56films.hu